AGRETA is an independent service provider in the liquid gas field (LPG) and in the revision of fittings and valves.

AGRETA plans and realizes installations of tanks and vaporizer systems as well as gas fuelling stations. Furthermore it executes leak tests, verifies fittings and valves according to current specifications, makes acoustic emission testings and cathode safeguard checks.

AGRETA is committed to maintaining and acting in accordance with standard safety policies and sustainability.

Liquid gas installations, testing of buried lines, decalcification, cleaning, painting, internal controls, safety valve replacement

Fittings, over-pressure valves, spring valves, loaded valves, valves for use in cryotechnology, filling level indicators as well as distant lecture, vaporizers, liquid gas installations, liquid gas tanks

Algas, Corken, Rochester, RegO®Europe GmbH, RegO®USA

Buchenstrasse 61 CH-4142 Münchenstein
T +41 (0)61 415 21 21
F +41 (0)61 415 21 22