Making pressure safe

If you work with liquids, gases or liquefied gases under pressure, AGRETA is your specialist all along the line:

Pressure tanks, fittings, safety valves, distribution systems and safety devices for the following media:
LPG, LNG, natural gas, biogas, technical gases, CO2, N2, ammonia, helium, hot water, vapour, pressurized air and cryogenics.

Our services range from engineering and planning to building, installing and commissioning. Our strength also lies in maintenance, overhauling and servicing. All our inspections and tests are fully compliant with the relevant regulations.

With our wide range of services and having carried out an enormous variety of projects over the past decades, we have developed a cross-disciplinary mindset which forms a solid foundation for the safe operation of the installations we maintain.

Our team

The quality of our services is reflected in our staff’s safety awareness, qualifications and practical expertise. All our staff undergo regular assessments and continuing professional development to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Over the decades we have developed highly specialised cross-disciplinary expertise and ultra-efficient working methods.

Against this background we work out the best solutions for the problems at hand that not only ensure safety and meet our customers’ needs but are also economically viable.

We carry out all our work in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations and have a reputation for being flexible and responding fast. We operate all over Switzerland.